199 Airport Road, Sanford, Maine 04073
Open 7am to 7 pm Memorial Day to Labor Day
Open 7am to 5pm Labor Day to Memorial Day

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Private Pilot Ground School Begins June 15, 2016 at 8:00 AM
Instrument Ground School TBA
Pilot Ground School to begin in June, You can sign up any time.
Please call 207-324-8919 to register
We would like to introduce Josh Trickey, our new Chief Flight Instructor
Southern Maine Aviation Offers a Full Range of Instruction
Stop by at 199 Airport Road, Sanford, Maine, and talk to us about what it takes to go to the skies!
Check out our Student Accomplishments Page
C172SP G1000 N11682
New to our fleet! 2006 Skyhawk G1000 glass panel is here!
IFR certified with KAP 140 auto pilot will make an easy transation from our other SPs.
For students seeking to become a professional pilot, the G1000 is the most widely used glass trainer platform.

Citabria 7GCBC N291CA
Ever think about flying a tail dragger? We have the right plane for you!
Our 2004 Citabria 7GCBC is a great taildragger, with awesome responsiveness and visibility. It is available for solo rental, and dual instruction for spin training.

C182 RG N7131S
Retractable gear and 235hp.
Wow -- HSI, DME, KAP/KFC 200 autopilot w/ flight director, traffic, King KLN94 GPS and 150 kt cruise!
C172 SP N53468 and N916BA
Our two identical 2002-3 Skyhawk SPs are the backbone of our training fleet. Both are IFR certified with KAP140 autopilot, King KLN94 GPS, and 180hp.
Redbird Motion Simulator
Our FAA-approved advanced training device simulates a traditional Skyhawk as well as a G1000 Skyhawk. Check out our Simulator Page for more information.

We offer Discovery Flights:
1/2 hour flight for $99.00. Take control of the airplane with the help of one of our instructors. Receive your log book and log in your first lesson!

Scenic Flights:
1 hour flight for $195.00. Up to 3 passengers. See the ocean, or the inlands of Maine. Scenic Flights can go anywhere with a 25 mile radius of the airport)


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