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Instrument Ground School


No Classes Scheduled at This Time.

If you are interested in an instrument class please
email Andrew at


The cost is $350 (books and supplies not included). This course will cover all the information you need to pass the FAA knowledge test for your instrument rating (the written exam).
The course is based on the Jeppesen Syllabus and SMA Instrument Pilot Training Kit, all students are required to purchase the kit in order to attend. Former students of our classes are encouraged and welcome to sit in on any future class sessions for no charge, just to brush up on a topic.
Lesson #1- Aviation Weather (Chapter 9)
Lesson #2- Human Factors (Chapter 1)
Lesson #3- Attitude Flying, Basic Aircraft Control, Navigation Systems  (Chapter 2)
Lesson #4- National Airspace System, Air Traffic Control System Regulations (Chapter 3)
Lesson #5- Air Traffic Control (Chapters 4&5)
Lesson #6- Flight Operations (Chapters 6,7, & 8)
End of Course Review
End of Course Quiz