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Accelerated Courses.

Commercial Airplane Single Engine Land

If you have already satisfied the knowledge test and other experience requirements for the commerical rating, you need 10 hours of training in a complex airplane. With our accelerated training course you can accomplish that comfortably in 3-4 days. Note that after satisfying the airplane checkout, some of the flight time may be accomplished solo. We will also customize your training plan if you want to incorporate some of your other requirements with the complex training or perform the maneuvers in a different airplane. The long cross-country is a great requirement to perform in the C182RG -- a 500nm total flight would take nearly 5 hours in a C172 (100nm average ground speed), or only a bit over 3.5 hours in the C182 RG (140nm average ground speed)! The example below shows times and prices based on dual instruction only, and includes the long cross-country as part of the flight time:

Day 1 - 3 hours ground instruction, 3 hours flight instruction

1 hour ground instruction - preflight and POH review of C182RG
1.5 hour introductory flight in C182 RG focusing on flight characteristics and complex procedures
2 hours ground instruction airplane systems (gear, const-speed prop, fuel systems, etc.)
1.5 hour flight in C182 RG focusing on traffic pattern work and performance takeoffs/landings

Day 2 - 1 hour ground instruction, 3 hours flight instruction

1.5 hour flight in C182 RG intro to maneuvers (chandelles, lazy 8s, 8s on pylons, steep spiral)
1 hour ground instruction - review of commercial practical test standards and maneuvers
1.5 hour flight in C182 RG reviewing maneuvers and complex airplane procedures
1 hour solo study and review time

Day 3 - 2 hours ground instruction, 4 hours flight instruction

4 hours flight instruction performing long cross-country VFR flight or other
2 hours ground instruction review, test prep

Day 4 - Check ride! (1 hour airplane rental)


Estimated total cost (not including examiner fee): $500 for 10 hours dual flight instruction at $50/hr.; $500 for 10 hours of ground instruction at $50/hr.; $1925 for 11 hours airplane rental at $175/hr=$2925.
(call for most current rates.)
All cost estimates are based on the student's ability to meet the practical test standard during the estimated flight times listed above.  

Other Training Programs

Please check with us for other training courses. We will work with you to provide the exact training you need in the most expeditious manner, without compromising on quality or time. We have experience training new flight instructors, providing specific endorsements or retraining requirements, or other customized programs to help you meet your aviation goals.