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Learn to Fly


The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires 40 hours of flight time. Of that 20 hours is required of dual instruction, that is flying with an instructor. 15 hours of solo time, that is you flying the plane alone. 3 hours of night instruction, 3 hours of instrument instruction and 8 hours of cross country flight, that means landing the airplane at an airport greater then 50 miles from departure airport.

When you call to schudule your flight lesson, we book you for 2.5 hours. That gives time to preflight , talk with your instructor about your fight, fly the airplane, and do your post flight time.


We recommend Ground School Classes for ground lessons, but private sessions with your instructor are also available. Ground school helps you to prepare for your upcoming flights and is needed to take your required FAA knowledge test.


There is so much more than we can fit here, so please give us a call or stop by. We'd be more than happy to answer your questions and give you a complimentary tour of our facility and our aircraft. Also check out AOPA's Learn to Fly website.


Not sure if flying is for you ? You can take a Discovery Flight is a great option -- it is a mini lesson where you will learn the basic control of the airplane, get to take to the air and manipulate the controls. Check our Discovery Flight page.


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