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Multi-Engine Training Programs

We are excited to add this Beechcraft Duchess to our training fleet. This aircraft is immaculate with a new interior, paint, and engines. This is a low time aircraft despite its age and it is ready to work!

Why settle for a worn out twin beater for your multi-engine training? Get your multi-engine rating with us in this clean and Garmin G5 glass-equipped aircraft. It is a perfect blend of old and new for your multi-engine training.

Our custom programs blend full motion Redbird AATD simulator training and aircraft use to save you money in earning your multi-engine commercial add-on, Multi-Engine CFI, or ATP certificate.

Call us today with questions and to get your training scheduled! 207-324-8919

✈ Programs available for multi-engine ratings, MEI, or ATP certificates
✈ Get your multi-engine rating in as little as 4-5 days, checkride included
✈ Program can be tailored to meet your experience level
✈ Taught by high experienced instructors
✈ Materials to study are sent in advance
✈ Local accommodations available

Multi-Engine Training and Plan of Action

4-5 Day Program

Study assignments to be emailed and completed prior to the start of training:

  • FAA Airplane Flying Handbook Chapter 14 Transition to Multi-Engine Airplanes
  • FAA Commercial Pilot Airmen Certification Standards
  • BE76 Pilots Operating Handbook
  • Southern Maine Aviation BE76 N6928H Aircraft Familiarization and Study Guide

This plan assumes that the pilot is single-engine current and proficient, and the practical test is scheduled for day 5.


3-4 hour ground brief and review of BE-76 systems and multi-engine training considerations from study assignments above.


2 AATD simulator sessions (1-1.5 hours each)

  • AATD Session 1: Normal Procedures and Maneuvers (all ACS required line items)
  • AATD Session 2: Emergency Procedures and Maneuvers


4-6 Aircraft Flights (6 hours of aircraft training, .5 briefing prior to flight)

  • Flight 1: Aircraft Familiarization Flight, Normal Procedures and Maneuvers
  • Flight 2: Normal Procedures, introduce Emergency Procedures
  • Flight 3: Normal Procedures, Emergency Procedures
  • Flight 4: Normal Procedures, Emergency Procedures
  • Flight 5: Emergency Procedures
  • Flight 6: Normal Procedures, Emergency Procedures

Training Rate Cost for estimated duration
Ground Training $85/ hour $340 for 4 hours (may be shorter)
Redbird AATD Simulator $165/hour with instructor $495 for 3 hours ( may not be necessary)
Flight Training $565/hour
$85/ hour flight briefing
$3,390 for 6 hours flight time
$340 for 4 briefings
    $4,565 estimated total training
Estimated Examiner Fee $700 $700 (average rate)
Use of aircraft for Practical Exam $565/hr $848 for 1.5 hour checkride (may be less)
$6,113 total after successful Practical Test
Save Money! For every $1,000 you put on account with cash or check we will credit your account 10%, so if you put down $4,000 for training then we will credit you $400

More Details

Highly prepared students can expect to be prepared for their checkride in as little as 4 or 5 days (weather permitting)

Multi-engine instructor candidates should arrive to training instrument current and proficient

Aircraft rate is $425/hour, multi-engine instruction is $80/hour.

Contact our Chief Instructor today with questions or to arrange scheduling call 207-977-3068 or email

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