199 Airport Road

Sanford, Maine 04073

Open 7 days a week from 7 AM to 5 PM

Open until 7 PM from Memorial Day through Labor Day



Airport Information


The Sanford Airport has 2 long runways and lots of instrument approaches. Check out all the details on Airnav - KSFM. We hope you enjoy watching -- and flying -- airplanes as much as we do. Southern Maine Aviation is the primary Fixed Base Operator at Sanford, but the airport is also home to York County Helicopters.


We offer


Aircraft Maintenance and Corporate Services
Airplane Flight Training and Rental
Hangars and Parking
General Pilot Supplies and Charts 
FAA Lasergrade Testing
Scenic Flights


Fuel and Services


Southern Maine Aviation has full service Jet A and 100LL during business hours, plus self service for Jet A, Avgas, and Mogas at all hours. The self-serve pumps for Avgas and Jet A are on the main ramp on the northeast side. The self-serve Mogas is on the west side next to the Big Blue Hangar on taxiway C. Southern Maine Aviation offers aircraft maintenance and repairs plus various other services, including towing, lavatory service, GPU, preheat, battery charging, etc. We can also help you with oils, coolant, nitrogen, and TKS de-icing fluid.

Current rates can be found on our FBO pricing page. After-hours services are available upon request (call 207-651-9308).




The highly-acclaimed Cockpit Cafe is in the main terminal building right next door to the FBO, with a great patio to enjoy the flower and vegetable garden while watching airplanes. We also have a crew car which may be available for short excursions to check out some of the local attractions.


FBO Facilities


Southern Maine Aviation is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 5pm, with extended evening hours until 7pm from Memorial Day through Labor Day and after hours available upon request. We offer a full range of services for General Aviation and corporate aircraft, plus an active flight training program. The FBO offers free computer usage and Wi-Fi, as well as a comfortable lounge and beverages for purchase.




Southern Maine Aviation has various size hangars for overnight or extended stays, with sizes to accommodate small or large aircraft alike. In addition to private hangars, commercial hangar space is also available for aviation-related business. Cost and availability for hangar space varies often, so please call for details.


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